BRILLANT THREADS S.A. was established in 1954 and from the very beginning was occupied with the production of threads. In 1992 the company was upgraded to an S.A. company and in 1995 a new shareholder’s and management scheme was accomplished.

The first concern of the new management was the dynamic use of its production potential. The old machinery was replaced by modern machines of the latest technology and a group of specialists worked out a program for their fullest utilization. A five year investment plan was prepared for increasing the productivity and for assuring the best quality and the smooth distribution of the product.

At the same time a thorough reorganization took place and the operation of the Company was adapted to international standards. Today the Company is active in the production and distribution mainly of sewing and embroidery threads in Europe. Its dye-house is one of the most modern internationally, using equipment of the latest technology.

The Company also produces lubricants for sewing machines and distributes auxiliary sewing materials i.e. needles etc.