The aim of  Brillant is to develop into one of the most important European companies that produce high tenacity sewing threads.

Brillant Sewing Thread Company is customer-oriented with an organization flexibility capable of satisfying actively and effectively the needs of its customers.

The management put great emphasis in the planning and the production of new revolutionary products, which nowadays constitute reference products for the market with their quality and credibility.

The term High Tenacity, which Brillant introduced in the Greek market, indicates the insight and the responsible attitude with which the company faces the obvious needs of the industry for quality in sewing and underlines the importance of being ahead in quality in the market.

The large number of available modern fast dyed shades, the select qualities of raw materials, the high standard production specifications and the technical solutions offered to customer’s sewing problems, resulted in placing Brillant in a distinguished position in the international sewing thread markets.

Brillant has heavily invested in human resources. It cares for their continuous training in the most modern methods of production, marketing and distribution. Thus the personnel is able to put in effect the philosophy of the Company.